Apiguard is a thymol based, slow release gel treatment for varroa. This natural remedy effectively controls the varroa mite populations in honey bee colonies, it can also help with control of chalkbrood and tracheal mites.

Supplied in boxes of 10x 50g convenient aluminium trays, two trays are enough to treat one hive.

Apiguard is specially formulated to have no harmful effects on either the brood or adult bees, it uses thymol as its active ingredient, a naturally occuring substance derived from the plant thyme. It works via two methods, firstly a steady release of vapour so as to not disturb the bees, and secondly the particles of the gel are distributed by the worker bees around the colony.

Under normal conditions, the manufacturer testing gave an average efficacy of 93%.


For most effective pest management, peel back the foil lid from the tray and place centrally over the colony in the top of the brood frames. Regularly check the tray and replace with a second tray once empty. The second tray should be left in place for around 2-4 weeks, giving an approximate total treatment time of 4-6 weeks.

We also sell separately a Apiguard Eke, a small extension for National hives, which gives extra room for placing the Apiguard tray where needed.

We suggest treatment takes place in temperatures over 15 degrees centigrade, although this product is still effective under that temperature, it can just take a little longer to evaporate.
Most beekeepers tend to treat in late summer, although heavy infestations sometimes make it necessary to treat in spring.