Api Life Var is a VMD licensed natural product for the treatment and prophylaxis in the fight against varroa

How it works: By contact and by `suffocating` the mite who breathes the vapours of the essential oils that saturate the beehive with the consequent detachment and fall of the parasite from the body of the bee.

No drug resistance to Api Life Var has been recorded. All components of Api Life Var are totally safe for the consumer, the bees and all the products of the beehive.

The best time to treat is after honey removal in August which allows egg laying to resume fully in Sept. This is when the Winter bees will be produced

to ensure there is enough time to have the hive ready to go through winter.

Temperature of Use 18C – 35C. Effectiveness 90% – 97%

Please Note: Each bag contains 2 bars. Treatment Requires 2 Bags (4 bars)

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