Approximately 4 frames of bees , 2 frames of stores and a mated queen  in a polystyrene nuc box .

Priced at £250.00, orders secured with a £50 non-returnable deposit. Please note this product is for collection only.

Nucs are normally reared in national hives but should require them for Langstroth or other bespoke hives please contact us and we would be happy to rear them in a hive to suit you.

Please contact us for more information.


Our nucs are in very high demand so order early to avoid disappointment – first come, first serve!

6 Frame Overwintered Nucleus supplied with a family of quite bees headed by an mated unclipped queen to begin supply April 2022* onward (Weather Permitting*).

Ideal way to start beekeeping is to purchase a nuc and with our docile bees it is perfect for beginners whilst still maintaining required traits for production, disease resistance and low swarming tendencies.

Your nuc will be supplied to you with brood at all stages (capped brood, larvae, and eggs) and a sufficient amount of stores**.  All of our overwintered nucs are made in the previous season.


The difference between an overwintered nuc & a normal spring nuc is that generally you are able to receive an overwintered nuc earlier, are more likely to harvest a spring crop and that they have proved their ability to overwinter.


All our breeding hives and overwintered nucs are treated for varroa routinely with approved VMD medication

Our nucs are supplied on British Standard DN4 National frames (Hoffman spacing 432mm x 356mm) which is suitable for a National Hive & WBC, inside a free  travel box.

Please note these will fit inside of a 14×12 hive but you will have to slowly migrate to your larger frame size.


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